I have to agree that I love the fact Tom and his wife run this shop and offer that small town/down home feel- it was such a treat. When my truck’s wheel bearing started to have problems, I decided to do the smart thing and look for people with reviews. So glad I did! Tom was great. What I most loved about him is he’s realistic- he quoted a bit high initially due to what he thought the problem was without diagnostics. Once diagnosed, the number was still fairly high ($550). However, when all the work was done, the actual price came out to $370 due to a part he thought he would need but didn’t. Most people I have taken my car to will quote low, get your car 1/2 way through the repair process and then tell you it’s double the quote. So, I appreciated the fact Tom prepared me for the worst, then came in much lower then what I was anticipating. He’s also very accommodating, offered to drop me off after I dropped the truck off, etc. And fast! Truck was done the day after I brought it in. I’ll be using him for any future repairs, highly recommend him!

Angie S. , Client