Fleet Maintenance


Does your business have a fleet of vehicles?  Our auto mechanics can help you maintain all of your vehicles if you have two delivery vans, a dozen company cars or dozens of trucks. Tom’s Auto has been doing auto repair in Elgin for over 40 years and has the experience to keep your fleet in safe and on the road.

Here at Tom’s we give the small town service treating you as a neighbor and will be happy to give local businesses a ride back to work so they can be more productive.


Car Care Services:

Chassis Lube
Oil Filter Change
Transmission Service
Pack Wheel Bearings
Pack CV Joints
Differential Service
Power Steering SVC
Brake Fluid Service
Windshield Washers
Battery Service
Wiper Blades
Filter Replacements

Cooling and Heating Systems:

Heater Cores
Head Gaskets
Fan Clutches
Electric Fans
Water Pumps
Transmission Coolers
Air Conditioning

Air Conditioning Systems:

Component Replacement
Performance Testing
System Service

Brake Systems:

Pad, Lining, Hose, and Line Replacement
Wheel Cylinders
Master Cylinders
Emergency Brakes
Brake Drums
Brake Motors
Power Boosters

Exhaust Systems:

Exhaust Pipes
Crossover Pipes
Clamps & Hangers
Exhaust Manifolds
Catalytic Converters
Gasket Replacement
Dual Systems

Electrical Systems:

Major and Minor Tune-Up
Power Accessories
Heater Controls
AC Controls
Climate Controls
Instruments and Gauges
Electrical Wiring

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